Veterinary Technologist Salary 2017

Veterinary Technologist

Veterinary technologists are part of a faced paced specialized niche. There is always a need for a veterinary tech within many offices that provide care to animals. There is always room for growth. The salary for this position might not be as high as some would like, but the rewards that come with working with the animals might be beneficial to some.

Median Annual Salary

Even though the pay for this position is not as high as you’d think, the rewards for providing care to animals can be beneficial to those that love animals. The job provides a rewarding, fulfilling experience.

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median annual salary of a veterinary technologist is $31,800 in 2015. The lowest paid being at $21,890 and the highest at $47,410.

veterinary technologist salaries by state

Earning Potential of a Veterinary Technologist

The earning potential of a veterinary technologist can go upwards into the $50,000’s. However, not many smaller places offer a large income and those that do are located in larger cities. There is room for a veterinary technologist to grow and prosper within the field. A veterinary technologist specialist is the next possible choice for a technologist looking to boost their career.

How Does a Veterinary Technologist Salary Compare

A veterinary technologists salary compares to many other professions equally. Many other professions are making around the same median amounts. However, when choosing to further a career in veterinary work, the professional is able to earn 20-30% more if they devote their time to a specialty within the field. With 10 different choices to choose from, they can focus their efforts on the specialty, as well as general care providing in-office.

Is There a Demand for This Profession?

There is currently a demand for a veterinary technologist. With close to 100,000 jobs currently in the field and many more opening up, there is always room for a new employment opportunity. As baby boomers in the field retire and those looking to advance their career move on, more and more jobs are becoming widely available to those just entering the field.

What Does Job Growth Look Like?

Job growth in this field is expected to grow 19%, much faster than other jobs within the country.  This will make way to potentially hundreds to thousands of new job opportunities for those studying this career path.

Since the baby boomers are retiring, more advancements in the career path are happening and the expected increase in jobs is going through, many new positions are currently open and welcoming entry-level veterinary technologists.

How Much Competition is There?

Currently, there is not a lot of competition for an entry level veterinary technologist. With the rising need for this type of professional, there are numerous job openings that are currently looking to be filled. If you’re able to advance your career and choose a specialty, this also puts you at the top of the list for ideal candidates for many positions.

What Kind of Places Hire Surgical Technologists

A few different places hire surgical technologists, both experienced and entry-level.

  • Veterinarian Clinics
  • Veterinarian Offices
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Veterinarian Emergency Rooms
  • Personal Veterinarians

Can I Advance My Career?

You can advance your career when you study to become a veterinary technologist. Though there is not a specific job title to advance too, adding a specialty or two to your title can increase your earnings. With ten different specialties and counting to choose from, there is something you can focus your efforts on such as equine, exotics, nutrition or behavior.

Additionally, the veterinary technologist is able to increase their potential through the use of other methods such as providing dog behavioral training, research and development or sales and consulting. Where you choose to specialize or advance too depends on your preferences within this field of study.