Surgical Tech Salary 2017

Surgical Tech working

The surgical field is a fast growing area where numerous professionals are always needed. Though the salary is not as high as many would like, there is always room for the professional to grow within the hospital and profession.

Median Annual Salary

Though becoming a surgical technologist is not going to make you rich quick, it can be a steady paying job. The amounts differ from medical place to place, but this professional can be an ideal way to get your foot in the door for other surgical medical professions.

According to the  U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary that a surgical technologist makes is $44,330. It varies with the place of employment, how long the professional has had in the field, as well as where in the country they find employment.

Earning Potential of a Surgical Tech

The earning potential of a surgical tech can reach as high as $45,000, or more depending on place of employment and cost of living within that specific area. There is room for growth however, for those that wish to earn higher and change their profession to a surgical assistant within the field.

Surgical Technologist by State

How Does a Surgical Technician’s Salary Compare

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, surgical technologists make $8-10,000 more than other professions throughout the US. Additionally, those working within large cities tend to make more than those in less known places.

Is There a Demand for This Profession?

There is currently a demand for this profession. With over 100,000 current surgical techs in rotation throughout the country, there is going to be a rise in need due to the techs either moving to a new position or retiring.

There is also a demand for more and more surgeries to be performed. With the rising number of surgeries, this brings a need for surgical techs to help with the surgeries that are performed in the medical facility.

What Does Job Growth Look Like?

The job growth of a surgical tech is expected to rise 15%, which is much higher than other professions in this area. This is also much higher in general when compared to the growth expected throughout the medical field.

Those that are looking in larger cities throughout the US will have a much easier time finding a position within a large hospital setting since the baby boomers are retiring and there are many opening spots and needs for a professional surgical tech.

How Much Competition is There?

Currently, there is no competition in the market. Certain places may have a slight competition, depending on the background and experience of all applying for the job. However, with the rising need and demand that medical practices have, the competition is slim due to having to hire professionals in this particular field.

What Kind of Places Hire Surgical Technologists

Numerous healthcare facilities hire surgical technologists. As a general rule of thumb, if the facility offers surgical practices, they’ll have a need for surgical technicians within their facility.

  • Hospitals
  • Surgical Centers
  • Urgent Cares and ER
  • Plastic Surgery Offices
  • Other Medical Centers

Can I Advance My Career?

As a surgical technologist, you can advance your career into the surgical assistant position. This provides a larger income potential, while also giving you a bigger part to play while in the operating room.

The median annual salary for a surgical assistant is $75,000, with many assistants starting at $55,000. Surgical assistants might earn as much as $200,000 while in the operating room. The outlook and demand for this professions is continuing to rise in the same manner as a surgical technologists position.