EKG Techician Salary

Being an electrocardiogram technician is quite a lucrative career opportunity. To become an EKG technician, you have to undergo training from an online college, technical school, or university. Once you have completed your studies and certified, there are number of employment opportunities in doctor’s offices, private diagnostic laboratories and hospitals still employs many cardiovascular technicians.

The EKG tech’s salary depends on various factors such as EKG training, lab experience, qualifications from accredited program, advanced certification as well as the geographic location.

According to the Social Security Administration, the average annual salary for an EKG tech in US is around $40,711- which translates to around $3393 per month. Considerably, this is a good monthly income for an average United States citizen. The yearly salary for the highest 10% EKG tech is more than $79,290, while the lowest 10% receives around $27,430, while the median 50% earned an annual salary of about $51,020.

According to the Social Security Administration, the employment opportunities for EKG techs are likely to increase by more than 24% by 2018. But there are various factors that will also influence the salary, for example.

The area of specialization and experience- the first thing that will determine an EKG tech salary is area of specialization and experience. For the employees fresh from school, the salary is almost common for all. But if you want a salary that is above average, you should be experienced apart from the required qualifications. How you have performed in school will also determine your salary increment, although discipline and commitments at work is a major ingredient that may surpass academic qualifications.

The location in which you practice as an EKG tech will also determine your salary. Obviously, your salary will be higher if you are employed in developed countries, or in a big, well-established institution. The salary also depends on the states, some of the best paying states in US are;

  • Massachusetts- $68,000 per year.
  • Washington- $64,000 per year.
  • Alaska- $82,070 per year.
  • Montana- $64,180 per year.
  • New Jersey- $65,250.

EKG techs employed in a well-established institutions receive better pay, (about $55,570 in a year, and an hourly wages of $26.73).

The demand and supply- if there are too many EKG techs and the demand is low, obviously you cannot expect big pay. You should also expect less pay in times of recession.

The highest paid EKG tech in US receives yearly salary of about $79,230, while the lowest paid EKG tech earns around $27,430 annually. The yearly median salary for an EKG tech is about $51,020. The hourly pay ranges from $13.70 to $22.00 per hour.

While any career in medical field is always a wise decision, because medical field is promising, with clinical medicine officers and nurses being taught how to perform basic EKG procedures, the job opportunities for people who only specializes in EKG may get fewer. Most employers will obviously opt to hire a person with multiple skills. To remain relevant, you must pass well in your exams and show a lot of perseverance and dedication in your work- with this, you are sure of getting secure job with good salary.